3 facts about your life


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1) God gave you problems because he thinks you can solve them

Every person living in this world has got problems. Some show it like hell whereas some others keeps it to themselves. No matter what, you are bound to have problems in life and you are gonna have to deal with it. Instead of squabbling like a loser, consider why you have that problem. Why did God give you that problem? The answer is simple. He wants you to grow from it. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If he thinks you’re crap, chances are you won’t get problems because he knows you can’t deal with it.

Therefore, consider it a privilege to have problems.

2) If your life is meaningless then you won’t be reading this

Your existence proves that you have some role to play in this world. Otherwise, there is no point having you alive.
You are important to this world. The world needs your contribution in some form or the other. Perhaps you are contributing, but fails to recognize it. So many people fail to recognize their contribution, and then they suck their thumb thinking they are garbage. Truth is, they are not. They are amazing people doing incredible stuff, but fails to notice it.

You are alive for a reason. Never underestimate yourself.
youareawesome3) If you think you are dumb then the whole world is dumb

Except for insanely talented kids, (the ones who makes everyone go WOW) everyone has the same brains. That means the person whom you consider a genius has the same brains you have. Then why are you dumb? Because he or she has found a better way to utilize it. It’s not that you are dumb; the world is getting smarter. If you want to stand a chance then you have to believe in yourself. You are smart and you have to make you brain accept that. The sooner you do, the easier life becomes.

You are born with amazing powers and intended to do great things. If you harness that power, life and the struggle for success becomes enjoyable. If you don’t, well, the opposite usually happens.

You are an amazing human being. Realize that and make a difference.


What are those brief inspirational moments?


Inspiration is a powerful feeling. All those people and women who made a difference to this world were inspired at some point of their lives. In addition, this crazy beast took them on a rocket ride to greatness. You have to experience this to fully understand the levels of madness and recklessness inspiration brings. Fortunately, a majority of us have been inspired. Therefore, you know what I’m talking about. Our minds are feeding and living on this single thought. We suddenly become a workaholic, completely obsessed in manifesting our thoughts into reality. Personally, I’ve been through this and I found myself totally out of control. I began neglecting my health, other important to-do and relaxation. I finally had to force myself to stop. Otherwise, I would’ve exploded.
Altreeva - inspirationThis is what true inspiration is. It serves us a purpose and guides us to potential greatness. However, there are certain inspirational moments that serves only to wreck you down. Suppose you see a software online that shows you a beautiful video on how to use it to make great games. A majority of us gets inspired at that moment to create the best possible game the world has ever seen. We begin watching tutorial videos on YouTube that covers the various aspects of that software. Excitement spikes. Then we buy it, download it or get a torrent. Testing out the features and creating a small sample, we are exhilarated. Up next, we take the greatest tools in the world- a pen and paper, to doodle ideas. The thought of creating the game keeps us excited and one-sided for the rest of the day. However, on the next day, the inspiration is gone. That’s it.
This is not inspiration. This is something visually stunning enough that convinces you to try it. That’s all. We see it, get excited and dream about being the best at that field. I have experienced this so many times, enough to tell you that the only results are- waste of time and a day of neglected health. That’s the whole ideology behind it.

If ever you find yourself getting excited on seeing something cool, just ask yourself if that’s what you truly want in life. This question is important because sometimes this ‘inspiration’ can take you until the very end and then dump you. Trust me, I’ve been there. Hence, it is vital that you connect with your purpose to find what you truly want and neglect these so-called brief inspirations.

Face massaging yourself to radiant looks


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Looks are very important in establishing a great first impression. People generally respect people who are well-groomed and pleasant more than a shabby, tired looking one. It is a mix of biology and psychology that produce these reactions.

Your face is perhaps the most important visual part of your body. It is the part that gets noticed first. Hence, it is crucial that you make it looking the best ever possible. There are countless tips, strategies, products that help you attain this radiant beauty.

Adding to this is a little technique that can make your face look fresher and energetic. This technique is called face massaging. A face massage is a great stress reliever and a refresher. Doing this a couple of times a day will enhance your overall energy levels and make your face look lively.

How to do a face massage?

The most important rule you should follow is to massage outwards. Inward massages usually do more harm than good. Consider this as swiping the screen on your smartphone. Outward swipe makes things bigger and brighter, whereas inward swipes makes it smaller and hard to see. This is one rule that is mandatory.

Just like every other part of your body, your face also produce toxins that settle down in your jawline. Perhaps that is why massaging the jawline is relaxing. You can start by massaging your jawline and then your neck. This is to ensure that the collected toxins in your face melts down into your body and gets excreted.

Up next, you can begin massaging your forehead while occasionally dropping down to massage your eyebrows. After this, you can switch to the sides of your head (the flat part). Ensure that you massage this region gently because it is a sensitive point. The final place that will bring much relaxation is the depression behind your ears. You can massage this area with some amount of force and instantly sense the relief it brings.

Face massages are a great way to improve energy levels and thus wholesome facial radiance. It is a technique that can be done anywhere at anytime. Try it if you think it will help you. It helped me feel good. And when you feel good, you look good.

5 attitudes that stunt personal growth

It has been repeatedly told that attitude determines your altitude. However, this altitude can fall below sea level if your attitude is something of these sort. These attitudes start small, but like an embryo, grows until it taints your thoughts. These are the top 5 attitudes that blocks you from reaching the top:

1. “He ain’t doing it, so am I”
Robin Sharma terms this as ‘following the herd’. This particular attitude guarantees that you steadily deteriorate in personal growth. There are many followers in the world and we don’t need anymore. Followers basically follow people all the time. Whatever they do, I do. No successful man or woman followed the crowd. It’s not worth the time.
2. “That’s it? I’ve got this one covered”
This is a mixture of complacency and underestimation. Initially, it might give you exponential confidence levels, but a little surprise will stump you into utter confusion and frustration. Before you know it, you are out of the competition.

Complacency and underestimation go hand-in-hand. If you have one, you have the other. If you don’t have one, chances are you don’t have the other. Whatever be the case, this particular attitude does not promote learning and growth.
3. “Don’t tell me what to do. I know my stuff”
Arrogance is a terrible attitude that brings you more foes than enemies. It restricts your ability to move out of your comfort zone, and resists change. It ensures that your knowledge remains stagnant. It highlights your disrespect towards others and a condescending approach in life. This attitude can wreck your life in a very short time.
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4. “There’s no point in trying”
This particular attitude indicates the many characteristics of a human being if done on a regular basis. It showcases his or her disinterest in trying something new, laziness, lack of excitement and a statement that proclaims I don’t want to expand my views. Even if you don’t feel like doing it, just do it and you might find yourself really beginning to enjoy it.
5. “I can’t do it”
Psychologists state that the word can’t is the most destructive word one can say to themselves. The moment you utter it to yourself, your brain stops pumping those creative juices. Perhaps many a talent goes in waste because they believe they can’t. Do not make this word your ally. Instead, kill it. Do whatever you can to ensure that this word is removed from your vocabulary. I’m stressing this because it is the most destructive attitude a person can develop.

Interpreting a man as a cow?


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Straight off, it is ridiculous to interpret a human being as an animal except chimpanzees and apes. It makes no sense unless we are targeting a specific characteristic he or she possesses in common with that animal. It could be laziness to hyper activeness to stubbornness to anything else.
What I mean intend to deliver with this title is the powerful inborn trait that everyone possess. It is the exquisite power of perception. The ability of a human being to interpret something as something. For example: seeing dark clouds produces waves of thoughts that say “it’s gonna rain”. However, a situation can be perceived in different ways by different people and this difference is caused by various reasons. Maturity being an important one. Take the typical case of a man and a baby, both standing in front of a lion. The man becomes paranoid, but the baby smiles. Why? It is because they perceive the lion in different ways.Altreeva- PerceptionKnowing that you possess an ally like perception in your arsenal is great news. This alone can propel you to various heights in a simple and efficient way. Dr Stephen Covey said “the best way to learn is to see yourself teaching the same material to a new group”. When you shift your view from a student to that of a teacher, learning improves dramatically. Hence, the best way for students to study is to see themselves teaching the very same thing in class.

How to turn a bad event to a good one?

Perhaps the most significant quote by Thomas Alva Edison is “I have not failed, but only found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. There are setbacks, obstacles, bad days and unproductive days in your life. For some, these might be common whereas for others, not so. No matter what, you will have these days.

Your reaction to this is purely dependent on your perception. How you see the day results in how you feel. If you see it as draining, you feel drained. However, if you see it as a chance to improve yourself, you feel energetic and gearing for action. This major difference starts the moment you perceive the situation. Fortunately, the mind can only hold one thought at a time. Hence, it would be a great idea to replace your limiting thoughts with those productive ones. With productive thoughts, your brain has a powerful foundation to build positive feelings.

Your ability of interpretation is one of high caliber. Use it to turn bad days to good ones. Use it to turn frustrations and rage to peace. Finally, use it to craft a wonderful and empowering life.

Is room temperature directly proportional to waking up

The alarm is probably something that brings a multitude of reactions. There are many factors that determine how you react to this sound. From late dinners to thoughts to significant dates all effect these. However, there is another factor that contributes to this?
Have you noticed that the moments after you turn off the alarm are those which you want to sleep the most? Especially if you have had a tiring day or a potential one. You just want to stay in bed and not come out. There is one more factor affecting this and that is room temperature. 

Animals hibernate during winters. The harsh cold disables them from moving around. However, it also provides cozy slumber to those prepared animals. What I’m saying is, the colder your room is, the harder it is for you to arouse. Your mind demands you to stay under the warm confines of the blanket. It requires some willpower to actually get up and be on your way unless your late for work or have some other external cause.

Temperatures tipping towards warm or hot generally eradicates this temptation. You never feel like spending more time in bed because it’s hot and you don’t need the added heat of the blanket. Just try it out if possible. The biggest withholder will simply melt away, and all it takes is one click.

Does God arouse you at night

Are you one of those people who wake up at a specific time every night? Probably anywhere between 1 and 4 in the morning? My friend told me that it occurred due to drinking water right before sleeping. However, could there be another factor? Perhaps a more compelling one?

Dr Wayne Dyer stated this as a time when one closest to their source. Simply put, the time when we are most connected to our subconscious mind. He adds by saying that most of us have experienced this, but considers it trifling.

Personally, I’m not sure whether that’s right or not. However, if you haven’t noticed, you will find that you are quite energetic at that time. This energy will equal the energy you have after a great night’s sleep. Does this mean that we actually do not require 8 hours of sleep? Many people claim that 8 hours is a must, whereas others say 4-6 hours of deep sleep will suffice. I don’t know which one is right, but sleeping in the multiples of 1.5 hours will make you fresher everyday.

Many say that one should not sleep after awaking in that specific time of theirs. It is said that your mind is the closest it can be to the creator of your divine source, namely God. Your mind is also most receptive to empowering ideas. Ideas that are significant and that can perhaps change the world. It’s a good time to be awake and listen to what your creator has to say. Again, Dr Dyer said that most of his powerful ideas came at his specific night time. “It was like my pen was possessed by a spirit” he said. “The words kept on flowing”.

One thing is for certain, you do get thoughtful ideas at dawn. It could be God’s giving because it just pops inside the head. Just like that. I’ve experienced it and so have a lot of people I’ve known. Ideas strike from literally nowhere, buts end up changing that person’s life forever. That is one amazing facet of this gift called life.