Are you one of those people who wake up at a specific time every night? Probably anywhere between 1 and 4 in the morning? My friend told me that it occurred due to drinking water right before sleeping. However, could there be another factor? Perhaps a more compelling one?

Dr Wayne Dyer stated this as a time when one closest to their source. Simply put, the time when we are most connected to our subconscious mind. He adds by saying that most of us have experienced this, but considers it trifling.

Personally, I’m not sure whether that’s right or not. However, if you haven’t noticed, you will find that you are quite energetic at that time. This energy will equal the energy you have after a great night’s sleep. Does this mean that we actually do not require 8 hours of sleep? Many people claim that 8 hours is a must, whereas others say 4-6 hours of deep sleep will suffice. I don’t know which one is right, but sleeping in the multiples of 1.5 hours will make you fresher everyday.

Many say that one should not sleep after awaking in that specific time of theirs. It is said that your mind is the closest it can be to the creator of your divine source, namely God. Your mind is also most receptive to empowering ideas. Ideas that are significant and that can perhaps change the world. It’s a good time to be awake and listen to what your creator has to say. Again, Dr Dyer said that most of his powerful ideas came at his specific night time. “It was like my pen was possessed by a spirit” he said. “The words kept on flowing”.

One thing is for certain, you do get thoughtful ideas at dawn. It could be God’s giving because it just pops inside the head. Just like that. I’ve experienced it and so have a lot of people I’ve known. Ideas strike from literally nowhere, buts end up changing that person’s life forever. That is one amazing facet of this gift called¬†life.¬†