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Straight off, it is ridiculous to interpret a human being as an animal except chimpanzees and apes. It makes no sense unless we are targeting a specific characteristic he or she possesses in common with that animal. It could be laziness to hyper activeness to stubbornness to anything else.
What I mean intend to deliver with this title is the powerful inborn trait that everyone possess. It is the exquisite power of perception. The ability of a human being to interpret something as something. For example: seeing dark clouds produces waves of thoughts that say “it’s gonna rain”. However, a situation can be perceived in different ways by different people and this difference is caused by various reasons. Maturity being an important one. Take the typical case of a man and a baby, both standing in front of a lion. The man becomes paranoid, but the baby smiles. Why? It is because they perceive the lion in different ways.Altreeva- PerceptionKnowing that you possess an ally like perception in your arsenal is great news. This alone can propel you to various heights in a simple and efficient way. Dr Stephen Covey said “the best way to learn is to see yourself teaching the same material to a new group”. When you shift your view from a student to that of a teacher, learning improves dramatically. Hence, the best way for students to study is to see themselves teaching the very same thing in class.

How to turn a bad event to a good one?

Perhaps the most significant quote by Thomas Alva Edison is “I have not failed, but only found 10,000 ways that won’t work”. There are setbacks, obstacles, bad days and unproductive days in your life. For some, these might be common whereas for others, not so. No matter what, you will have these days.

Your reaction to this is purely dependent on your perception. How you see the day results in how you feel. If you see it as draining, you feel drained. However, if you see it as a chance to improve yourself, you feel energetic and gearing for action. This major difference starts the moment you perceive the situation. Fortunately, the mind can only hold one thought at a time. Hence, it would be a great idea to replace your limiting thoughts with those productive ones. With productive thoughts, your brain has a powerful foundation to build positive feelings.

Your ability of interpretation is one of high caliber. Use it to turn bad days to good ones. Use it to turn frustrations and rage to peace. Finally, use it to craft a wonderful and empowering life.