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Looks are very important in establishing a great first impression. People generally respect people who are well-groomed and pleasant more than a shabby, tired looking one. It is a mix of biology and psychology that produce these reactions.

Your face is perhaps the most important visual part of your body. It is the part that gets noticed first. Hence, it is crucial that you make it looking the best ever possible. There are countless tips, strategies, products that help you attain this radiant beauty.

Adding to this is a little technique that can make your face look fresher and energetic. This technique is called face massaging. A face massage is a great stress reliever and a refresher. Doing this a couple of times a day will enhance your overall energy levels and make your face look lively.

How to do a face massage?

The most important rule you should follow is to massage outwards. Inward massages usually do more harm than good. Consider this as swiping the screen on your smartphone. Outward swipe makes things bigger and brighter, whereas inward swipes makes it smaller and hard to see. This is one rule that is mandatory.

Just like every other part of your body, your face also produce toxins that settle down in your jawline. Perhaps that is why massaging the jawline is relaxing. You can start by massaging your jawline and then your neck. This is to ensure that the collected toxins in your face melts down into your body and gets excreted.

Up next, you can begin massaging your forehead while occasionally dropping down to massage your eyebrows. After this, you can switch to the sides of your head (the flat part). Ensure that you massage this region gently because it is a sensitive point. The final place that will bring much relaxation is the depression behind your ears. You can massage this area with some amount of force and instantly sense the relief it brings.

Face massages are a great way to improve energy levels and thus wholesome facial radiance. It is a technique that can be done anywhere at anytime. Try it if you think it will help you. It helped me feel good. And when you feel good, you look good.