The alarm is probably something that brings a multitude of reactions. There are many factors that determine how you react to this sound. From late dinners to thoughts to significant dates all effect these. However, there is another factor that contributes to this?
Have you noticed that the moments after you turn off the alarm are those which you want to sleep the most? Especially if you have had a tiring day or a potential one. You just want to stay in bed and not come out. There is one more factor affecting this and that is room temperature. 

Animals hibernate during winters. The harsh cold disables them from moving around. However, it also provides cozy slumber to those prepared animals. What I’m saying is, the colder your room is, the harder it is for you to arouse. Your mind demands you to stay under the warm confines of the blanket. It requires some willpower to actually get up and be on your way unless your late for work or have some other external cause.

Temperatures tipping towards warm or hot generally eradicates this temptation. You never feel like spending more time in bed because it’s hot and you don’t need the added heat of the blanket. Just try it out if possible. The biggest withholder will simply melt away, and all it takes is one click.