Inspiration is a powerful feeling. All those people and women who made a difference to this world were inspired at some point of their lives. In addition, this crazy beast took them on a rocket ride to greatness. You have to experience this to fully understand the levels of madness and recklessness inspiration brings. Fortunately, a majority of us have been inspired. Therefore, you know what I’m talking about. Our minds are feeding and living on this single thought. We suddenly become a workaholic, completely obsessed in manifesting our thoughts into reality. Personally, I’ve been through this and I found myself totally out of control. I began neglecting my health, other important to-do and relaxation. I finally had to force myself to stop. Otherwise, I would’ve exploded.
Altreeva - inspirationThis is what true inspiration is. It serves us a purpose and guides us to potential greatness. However, there are certain inspirational moments that serves only to wreck you down. Suppose you see a software online that shows you a beautiful video on how to use it to make great games. A majority of us gets inspired at that moment to create the best possible game the world has ever seen. We begin watching tutorial videos on YouTube that covers the various aspects of that software. Excitement spikes. Then we buy it, download it or get a torrent. Testing out the features and creating a small sample, we are exhilarated. Up next, we take the greatest tools in the world- a pen and paper, to doodle ideas. The thought of creating the game keeps us excited and one-sided for the rest of the day. However, on the next day, the inspiration is gone. That’s it.
This is not inspiration. This is something visually stunning enough that convinces you to try it. That’s all. We see it, get excited and dream about being the best at that field. I have experienced this so many times, enough to tell you that the only results are- waste of time and a day of neglected health. That’s the whole ideology behind it.

If ever you find yourself getting excited on seeing something cool, just ask yourself if that’s what you truly want in life. This question is important because sometimes this ‘inspiration’ can take you until the very end and then dump you. Trust me, I’ve been there. Hence, it is vital that you connect with your purpose to find what you truly want and neglect these so-called brief inspirations.