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1) God gave you problems because he thinks you can solve them

Every person living in this world has got problems. Some show it like hell whereas some others keeps it to themselves. No matter what, you are bound to have problems in life and you are gonna have to deal with it. Instead of squabbling like a loser, consider why you have that problem. Why did God give you that problem? The answer is simple. He wants you to grow from it. Physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. If he thinks you’re crap, chances are you won’t get problems because he knows you can’t deal with it.

Therefore, consider it a privilege to have problems.

2) If your life is meaningless then you won’t be reading this

Your existence proves that you have some role to play in this world. Otherwise, there is no point having you alive.
You are important to this world. The world needs your contribution in some form or the other. Perhaps you are contributing, but fails to recognize it. So many people fail to recognize their contribution, and then they suck their thumb thinking they are garbage. Truth is, they are not. They are amazing people doing incredible stuff, but fails to notice it.

You are alive for a reason. Never underestimate yourself.
youareawesome3) If you think you are dumb then the whole world is dumb

Except for insanely talented kids, (the ones who makes everyone go WOW) everyone has the same brains. That means the person whom you consider a genius has the same brains you have. Then why are you dumb? Because he or she has found a better way to utilize it. It’s not that you are dumb; the world is getting smarter. If you want to stand a chance then you have to believe in yourself. You are smart and you have to make you brain accept that. The sooner you do, the easier life becomes.

You are born with amazing powers and intended to do great things. If you harness that power, life and the struggle for success becomes enjoyable. If you don’t, well, the opposite usually happens.

You are an amazing human being. Realize that and make a difference.